Friday, November 14, 2008

... but not a drop to drink...

Despite getting in very late last night I managed to drag myself out of bed at an early hour and go food shopping, a task which I've come to dislike. Now, I've heard you should never go food shopping when you're hungry. Well, here's another tip... never do it when you're thirsty.

Since moving to Jersey City (I refuse to call it JC cause when someone said that to me I had no idea what they were talking about so I don't trust everyone else to know) I've realized Jersey doesn't just smell bad... it tastes bad. I mostly say this in reference to the water... mostly. My roommates even have one of those Brita Water Filters and it still tastes like I'm drinking water heavily laced with artificial sweeteners. So, I gave up and bought a giant pack of bottled water. I don't hate bottled water. I just hate buying it to when there's free water at home.

That all aside, I popped into the Asian Food Market down the street from me and was pleasantly surprised to find a store reminiscent of the Chinese Underground Market I use to shop at in Philly. See, after moving I realized the last cooking I had done on my own had required ingredients that I wasn't going to find at most local supermarkets in America. So it's nice to know I can go pick up a bag of Japanese long grain rice, some Golden curry, bamboo and bean sprouts, firm tofu, a Ramune and some daifuku right down the street.

As for the concert, it was a blast. I'll post pictures later after I sort through them all (I was handed the job of photographer for the evening). And despite my mom's concerns, I didn't get mugged... all in all, good evening!

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