Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another day, another year...

My New Year's resolution this year is/was to actually keep up with this blog.

Problem is I've never really cared about the New Year. I guess that's why so many people seem to have problems sticking to their resolutions. Fortunately, mine doesn't involve my physical or mental well-being (if anything I should make a resolution to eat more).

It's not that I dislike the New Year. I'm certainly not old enough to start viewing each first of January as a ticking time bomb slow counting down to my eventual demise. But I guess I was never young enough to want to stand outside in the freezing cold for HOURS, getting drunk and waiting for a giant ball to drop. A friend asked me to come with her one year and the fact that I even considered it only shows how great of a friend she is.

I don't know... maybe that's just it. I'm boring. You know how I spent the last minutes of '08? In the bathtub. No booze, no blood... just some warm water and one arm hanging out of the tub, like a seal regulating it's body temperature.

That's seal for "Happy New Year"!

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