Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Between some work with They Might Be Giants wrapping up, looking for a new apartment, a wicked cold that seems to come and go every other week and the upcoming move to said new apartment this poor ol' blog has fallen into disrepute. Once the move is complete, I promise interesting and exciting pictures of my new neighborhood and feline roommates.

For now though, I shall hope to amuse you with an exciting two part blog all about my adventures at Comiket back in 2006 (today's post) and some of the strange fan fiction I collected there (later post). Shall we begin?

Comiket is a HUGE comic fair held annually in Odaiba, just south of Tokyo that focuses primarily on fan-fic. The group of us headed down by shinkansen which some how was always more exciting to prepare for than to actually ride.

Bill's REALLY happy about Comiket.

I can't really see why... looks like a bunch of otakus milling about a warehouse.

Oh, now I know why he was excited... I had no idea 'The Boy Who Lived' was such a big fan of yaoi.

In all honesty, I think I spent a grand total of three hours actually at Comiket. The rest of the time, I wondered around Odaiba which had way more to offer.

Like Japan's very own Statue of Liberty!

And the giant ferris wheel... I don't think it's the biggest in the world but I'm sure some local swore to me that it was.

In fact, the best part of the trip down south was the giant mall (yes, mall) nearby. Inside, you can find Sega Joypolis.

It's basically an indoor amusement park complete with rollercoasters, simulation rides and other such goodies that I don't actually know the proper names for.

The coolest floor, though, was one made up to look like a matsuri (festival) straight out of the 1960s with a haunted house, boweling alley (well, really just one lane) and lots of vintage pinball machines and arcade games. Hmm... maybe this will be a three part post...

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