Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mee-sa love Anni!

Comiket is primarily a comic convention for people who are so obsessed with characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Harry Potter and even that masked chap from V For Vendetta that they create and sell their own fan-fic of said characters.

If I had known Comiket was going to be a fan-fic convention, I probably wouldn't have gone. I was expecting Spiderman, just not in this format. In the end, I'm glad I went for two reasons: One, I didn't spend nearly as much money as I thought I would. Two, apparently when someone is as obsessed with Obiwan Kenobi as these people are, they are mostly concerned with writing about whether or not he's going to get Anakin in bed. That's right. Comiket seems to be filled with nothing but yaoi.

There was a LOT of Harry Potter yaoi. A LOT. This proved a bit of a challenge because I wanted to find one that I wouldn't feel ashamed to show my librarian mother when she inevitably asked to see it. All I could manage to find was this PG-rated one (mostly due to a penis joke involving the Weasel twins).

Spidey was also really big that year. This particular comic is the first half of a two part story involving Peter and Harry's growing and ultimately awkward love for one another. Unfortunately, my friend got his hands on the last copy of the second half in which Peter has Venom's love-child. He actually had a hard time convincing the girl who created it to sell him the copy (boys aren't suppose to like this stuff!).

I did get this sexy postcard, though!

This one is probably one of the nicest. It's got a simple but fun story while keeping the art and characters true to the American cartoon it was obviously based off of. In case you can't read the fine print, the story involves:

Harley and Ivy are best pal. Merry making of girls's night. Love and the talk of sex are indispensable at a girlfriend's night!

Basically, Harley and Ivy talk about which hero/villain they'd like to 'do'. There's even a clever, if obvious joke about the Flash. All in all, it's cute and the characters remain true to the originals.

This, however, is perhaps my favorite. I can only guess that the Replicator is malfunctioning or something...

Whatever the case may be, it's certainly upsetting Number One.

Kudos to anyone that knows who this is or can guess what the story might entail...

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