Saturday, January 3, 2009

While you're waiting...

Start rendering...

I'm basically a freelance animator although I'd rather call myself an animator-for-hire which I think makes my job sound slightly more interesting than it is. I'm sure lots of people think being an animator must be the coolest job in the world (I've met a lot of them) but actually, it's pretty boring.

Take for instance what I'm doing now. Blogging. Why am I blogging? Because I'm rendering. Why am I rendering? Because I've finished most of the tedious and, at times, fun work before I hit that 'Render' button. Then I play the 'Waiting Game' which involves me finding some way of distracting myself for an hour and 20 minutes (at least in this case) till my computer yells at me.

So, what do I do in the meantime aside from the aforementioned blogging? Reading mostly. Sometimes I play a video game. If I have a personal, side project that doesn't demand too much of my computer's RAM I'll work on that. The hard thing is finding something to do that fits in the space of an hour and isn't too far from the computer (cause at any moment, the render could stop).

Finished rendering!

I've never realize how much and how little the space of an hour is.

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