Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not seen, but heard...

Here it is! The post you’ve (all three of you) been waiting for! The audio collected for What is Animation?

The idea for What is Animation? came from a class exercise in which we had to interview someone and animate to the audio, producing something like a Richard Linklater short.

We were only really suppose to record one person but I got a little carried away. I got an answer out of almost everyone in the animation department and several students and faculty from the illustration, sculpture, film, dance and theater departments, as well as school security guards, random people on the street and almost every person who worked in the cafeteria across the street at the Bellvue Hotel. Oh… and a bunch of people at Barnes and Nobles down by Rittenhouse.

The results were obviously varied. Some people were kinda close to what might be a 'right' answer (at least in the technical terms).

Some people were really off.

And some people were just spouting off philosophical nonsense.

The most popular answer was 'cartoons' which, while funny, isn't a great answer for any number of reasons...

A few folks (notably the perplexing Karl Staven) opted for the 'what it's not' definition.

Arguably the best answer came from my then instructor Chris Magee. His answer formed the glue that held the film together.

There's a ton of other audio but I'll save those for another day. For now, against my better judgment, I'll close this posting with probably one of the only clips from the film I'm actually kinda proud of (congratulations, Kyle!)...

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