Thursday, October 8, 2009

We are the...

Today's post may seem somewhat random, but indulge me.

I came across these photos on Facebook. An English friend of mine had been tagged in one of the photos (the squid if I remember correctly) and it looked intriguing enough that I clicked over.

In Senior year of High School, I took a class called Portfolio which focused on getting a portfolio together (duh) for the students who planned on studying some form of art in their upcoming college years.

We also had to write a few variations of an 'artist statement'. At the time, I planned on studying animation but mostly because I had no idea where to go to study the things I really wanted to do (puppeteering, animatronics, matte painting, makeup effects, etc.). I even went to far as to make my final project for the Portfolio class a (rather crude) animatronic bat-like creature.

Unfortunately, it looked nothing like this. I can tell you it was similar in color, about a foot and a half long as oppose to eight and could manage to 'walk' along at a sloth-like clip.

Fortunately, I threw out all the slides that had images of the beast. Instead, you'll have to settle for this awesome robotic menagerie.

Too bad this exhibit is somewhere in London; I'd love to see it. Maybe the AMNH will surprise me this winter...

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