Friday, January 8, 2010

Cabinet of Curiosities

A while back I posted an image of this great find I came across at a yard sale. I believe someone demanded pictures once it was full of oddities.

While not as odd as I had hoped (still in the market for a two headed ostrich fetus), here it is. Most of the items are from my time abroad.

A 'Lucky Cat' given to me by a student along with a 'Oni' bell, a gift from a co-worker at a make-shift birthday party (see Snoopy shot below).

A few objects are from my childhood. This is a statue given to me by my Opa, at one time a well-known family physician in Fairport, NY. I'm fairly certain I wasn't more then a few years old when he gave it to me.

Also from my Opa, though rediscovered just this past winter in storage-

Yes, it's a walnut, although I think my dad said it was called a 'Fairy Nut' or something like that.

Basically, every Christmas, my Opa would gather some walnuts, stuff them with strange, random knick-knacks (my brother got a vintage California State pin) and hand them round at dinner.

The Snoopy dates all the way back to 1968 and still (barely) plays. The most sentimental object housed by my cabinet?

My cat Titus' ashes. I'm hoping to find a nice jar to transfer them to, but for now I'm kind of enjoying the charm of a simple tin box.

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