Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving Day

About two weeks ago, I said 'goodbye' to the gang at Asterisk Animation (hopefully not forever) and rejoined the troops back at Special Ops Media in DUMBO.

Then yesterday, I said 'goodbye' to DUMBO as our team of designers, animators and coders picked up shop and moved into new offices in Manhattan.

Goodbye Manhattan Bridge!

Hello Puck Building!

All in all it was the easiest move I've ever experienced (try moving two years worth of stuff across an ocean). The van even seemed a bit unnecessary. I'm sure we could have just lugged it all in one subway ride.

And while the office may seem a little lackluster (particularly since the lights weren't up and running yet), our 'Event Space' is far more impressive.

I'm actually kind of hoping it stays this empty for a while.

It's nice to sneak away for a few minutes and just hang out in here.

Not to mention the seventh floor view.

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