Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Once Upon a Pair of Wheels

I love having a car in the city. Means I'm not restricted to the subway, can avoid walking in the snow and, once in a while, play chauffeur/PA to Richard O'Connor of Asterisk Animation.

For example, last Friday Richard and cameraman, Ben Shapiro needed a lift to New Haven. Specifically to the Yale campus to interview Helen A. Cooper and get some first-hand footage of Thomas Eakins' watercolor "John Biglin in a Single Scull".

While they headed up to the conference room to set up the cameras and prep for the interview, I was given the task of parking the car. When I finally got back, the painting had already been unveiled. Somehow, this in no way mitigated the feeling of seeing such a work for the first time in person.

When I was younger, I was obsessed with Salvador Dali. Not so much his philosophy (I feel he was more a salesman then an artist) but his technique. The tiniest brush strokes for the most minuet details.

When I was introduced to Eakins in college, it was as though I had truly matured as an appreciator of the arts. Here was an artist and a scientist, two of my favorite subjects wrapped up in one.

There are few experiences in my life I can liken to those several hours spent at Yale and it's all thanks to a couple of talented folks and one Ford Focus in need of an oil change.

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