Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time, time, time...

I completely forgot about this and the fact that I promised to post it weeks ago.

Bob Lyons was so excited that my partner, Chris Farinella and I were tackling some strata-cut animation for his class Animated Camera he decided to recorded the process. This is the result.

There are any number of folks who walk by the camera at some point - Stephanie Yuhas, Adam Cusack, Lauren Cipollo Etkins, Stephen Murphy, Kea Alcock, Justin Hillman, etc. Chris and I take turns shooting and handling the log of clay, though I think he spent most of his time behind the camera.

Look how cool I was with my shoulder-less black top. The final strata-cut is at the end, cut together from bits taken out of 'Take 5'. I'm sure I have the original footage somewhere on 16mm.

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