Monday, June 1, 2009

Flea Circus

Popped in the flea market on 25th St. yesterday half-heartedly in search of mounted fish and blue dresses. Came up empty-hand in both areas but still had a fun time snapping pictures (please excuse any blurriness; most of these were taken with my cellular telephone).

Freeze! NYPD!

I don't know what's worse, the empty blackened eye-sockets or the wire wound around it's neck...

As the granddaughter of a noted family doctor, I had my fair share of strange 'doctor/patient' themed gifts. Luckily, I missed this one.

Blue dog...

I don't know. Maybe I'm seeing things but this image just looks a bit un-wholesome to me.

Enough said.

One booth had these great wood pieces, designed, carved and painted by David Kirk before he hit it big in children's book industry. Each was signed and dated. If I happen upon them again, I might just pick one up as a gift for the new children's library my mom will be moving into.

These two caught my eye first. Opening the drawer would trigger the eyes and teeth to move.

Great bank. The eyes and mouth would open when you pulled on a bone at his feet. Coins go in his mouth. Try this on your own dog to get the some expression.

If I had more money, this might have come home with me. But, alas, spending was limited. First of two purchases...

I know what you're thinking, how 'Sex in the City' of me. I've never successfully sat through an entire episode of that drivel. My second purchase was a bit less superfluous.

The illustrations by Wallace Goldsmith were what caught my eye first. The writing is fun to boot.

Most pages are printed on watermarked paper, too, which makes for a nice effect.

The End.

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