Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Money makes the world go around...

About a month ago now, I started working at a company out in DUMBO called Special Ops Media. I haven't mentioned it till now for many reasons, none of which are interesting enough to bother mentioning here.

It's a nice job, mostly Flash which can get pretty tedious, but it pays great and the people I work with are surprisingly interesting and fun to work with. One of the best parts, though is the locale.

The building is right on the waterfront, sandwiched in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges with a great little park perfect for lunch breaks (and weddings, apparently) barely a block away.

As I said, the pay is good, but like any (somewhat) intelligent freelancer, I know I need to work as many jobs as my body can handle. So, last week I 'burned the midnight oil' and cranked out yet another parshat for Nick Fox-Gieg.

While I'm no Botticelli, I was informed that this parshat may well be a first: the first time the rather self-important Korach's story has been animated. Be a part of history and check it out here.

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