Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beachtown - the beach = Nyack!

Headed out of town this weekend to see what was what at one of my former spots of employment: the Renaissance Faire.

I never made it. Always one for an impromptu adventure, I took a slight detour to Nyack to check out the Hopper House.

I had only been in 'downtown' Nyack once before, to drop off a DVD to the They Might Be Giants folks. It's 'quaint and cute'. I only have a problem with 'quaint and cute' when there's no beach attached to the town.

But on to the main attraction!

When visiting the Florida Keys one year, my mom and I took a tour of Hemingway's house. In a way, this was even nicer than that, being so 'off the beaten path'. There are guided tours of Hemingway's estate; Hopper has a girl sitting in a side room selling postcards. It was more personal.

Inside also housed a gallery for local artists. The outside caters to them as well, mostly in the form of outdoor concerts. Unfortunately, as far as the fine arts are concerned-

This sign was tacked up out in front. Apparently Nyack has problems with cat-burglars.

A few blocks down was this sign. Coincidence?

Now for those of you still upset by my negative view of the folksy downtown area, I'll confess it wasn't that bad. This book store (and it's non-human employees) saw to that.

Such unoriginal reading material.

Keeping an eye on everything; the store's muscle.

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