Monday, August 24, 2009

No CGI here!

About a month ago, I was doing this to books.

It looks like I'm killing them, when, in fact, I was giving them life! Proof? You want proof? Well, unfortunately, due to a looming deadline and lack of sleep, I neglected to take any pictures after this point. Oops...

But I do have this to show for it!

If I remember correctly, 5-6 books were rigged with fishing line to 'jump off the shelves'. One of those books had a 'flying double' who was rigged with a rod and 'marionette strings' to give it's 'wings' the flapping motion. About 4-5 other books were also rigged for flying, but these were 'stiff' (no strings), the 'wings' locked with metal struts stuck through the pages.

Hence the knife, which more then once, ended up nailing the book to the floor. However, I can't take any credit for the amazing work in post; Alex de Campi is the wizard responsible for that magic.

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