Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Town

I like to think my little town of Kannari was the best in all of Kurihara-shi, perhaps all of Miyagi. Now, even I know that isn't true (how can you beat karaoke and kaiten sushi in Tsukidate?), but we did have this great little park on the edge of town...

In the distance, you can make out the bridge that lead out of town and to the 'secret' back-route I'd take out-of-town.

Every spring, the park wouldbecome home ot thousands of fireflies, thus establishing one of my town's claims to fame - the Firefly Festival. Although I did see LOTS of Firflies around that time, I never actually attended the official festival at the park.

I did got there quite often to just sit, relax and sometimes even sunbath which amused the locals to no end.

They could tell I was around by my signature 'Cherry Red' bike, passed on to me by the previous ALT. Lately, I've been day-dreaming about getting myself a bike here in Brooklyn. I think I'll try for one with working breaks and gears this time.

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