Friday, September 11, 2009

The Job That Ate My Week

Last Wednesday I got a call from a production manager at DCA, a company I had done some freelance for in the past.

The job basically entailed drawing up about 15 boards in a specific style to illustrate 6 videos to be shot for a client of DCA. The final videos will involve an actor and no hint of animation, but they wanted some spiffy images to catch the clients eye.

The hardest part was making sure i captured the emotions of the man in the video. They started off by giving me very simple, rough boards with clear directions as to the setting, time of day and feelings the actor would be portraying.

Not entirely confident with my abilities to convey these emotions through a realistic sketch of an actor I had about 4 reference photos of, I decided the task would fall to his gestures and posture. Hopefully, it worked-



In pain, trying to maintain.

Explaining, trying to be hopeful. Kinda like me right now. I definitely feel confident a few of the boards nailed the emotions. Hopefully, you'll agree. In the end, the client did and really, that's all that matters.

It's amazing how much this industry is all about who you know. A little over a year ago I was commuting out to Parsipphany, NJ, working on a hand drawn viral ad for FLOMAX at DCA.

My college friend and former roommate, Stephanie Yuhas got a call from Phil Schadt, a guy she use to work with at the local art store in Philadelphia. The company he worked for (DCA) needed an animator. While working there, I met Brian Russell. About three months ago, Brian called me up out of the blue to see if I could start 'tomorrow' at Special Ops Media.

Then this call. DCA needed a storyboard artist and Phil suggested they call me. We have come full circle.

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