Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Train Traffic

Did a bit of traveling by train this weekend (more than usual considering the fact that I have a car here in Brooklyn). The results?

The first guy, more stylized, just looked angry. I don't blame him. This was at Delancey, waiting for the F. If you've ever been held up there, you'd know why he looks a bit irritated. The other guy, a more realistic sketch, was just nodding off.

I'm almost certain no one will recognize this chap, partly due to my terrible caricature abilities, partly due to the fact that it's suppose to be Steve Winwood, a la 1972. I just dug his chiseled looks, like some emoting Roman bust you'd find at the Met.

Unfortunately, I can't claim the rights to these awesome bitches. Came across this in the trash (among other more useful items) walking to the J about a week ago.

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