Friday, September 18, 2009

Day-Tripper Part I

Did a lot of traveling this week, which thankfully, kept my mind off other things.

First stop, Philadelphia! I've been SLOWLY working on a side project with a writer from Baltimore, Ron Tanner. The piece involves cats (somewhat therapeutic) and about 10 minutes of hand-drawn animation (not so therapeutic).

The film is narrated by the main character, an old 'cat lady' hosting a afternoon brunch. I immediately thought of my friend and occasional business partner, Stephanie Yuhas who lives and works down in the Philadelphia area. We booked the sound room at our old college and spent a good four hours locked in a padded room.

Stephanie - voice artist, animator, writer, producer, curry and rice cooker... Is there any job she can't do?

Myself - trying to make sound editing look hawt...

The real fun came before and after, though. I haven't gotten a chance to just walk around the city in a while. First we headed to up to West Philadelphia so Stephanie could yell at some people.

The ice rink we use to 'hang' at.

View of Center City's skyline from Drexel's campus.

Then it was off to UArts to start the recording, with a brief stop at Hamilton Hall to pick up our Alumni IDs.

Afterward, we took a stroll down Pine, past some familiar sights.

Pine Street Pizza where the owner complimented me on my Greek pronunciation of 'gyro'.

Our old 'Slum-lord's' office and -

- preferred mode of transportation. Oh, the temptation...

Remember this?

Finally got a good shot of that Take-Out lovin' T-Rex! Would have loved to get a full-body shot but the weed-turned-tree was blocking it.

I finally headed out about 6:30PM, saying goodbye to the city that boast most murals in all of the grand US o' A (or at least it was 5 years ago).

Next post? Boston!


Shinygrape said...

Hee hee, very nice. I can't believe a giant mutant weed grew out of the sewer to freakin' cover the dino, what the heck?

Next installment: Liesje and Steph fill the slumlord's mailslot with hundreds of dead hamsters.

Eric said...

When were you in Boston??

Liesje said...

The 16th... why? When were you in Boston? You do know I'm referring to Boston, MA - not Boston, Japan...