Wednesday, April 15, 2009

See monsters!

Like every studious artist in college, I doodled in my notebook. Below is a selection from Computer Animation II with Stephen Jackett (I promise I was paying attention, Steve).

For reasons that are apparent, I was obsessed with deep-sea creatures around this time.

A few are semi-realistic.

But most are hybrids of my own design.

A few have even been translated into sculptures (with some obvious adjustments).

Some even made the leap into CG (compliments of MAYA and the aforementioned Stephen Jackett). Note the rigidness of the character; this was before the lesson on skeletons and splines.

And some are destined for more. I just bought a block of plastilina (my first since Japan) in the hopes of not only modeling this little fella, but also casting him in a variety of materials: solid resin and plastic for the internal organs, skeleton and fins while his translucent skin is realized in a clear softer rubber.

That is going to be one serious three (possibly four) part mold!


Shinygrape said...

Welcome to the land of bloggery, sucker :)

Liesje Kraai said...

I'm trying...