Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Special Self-Promoting Post!

While munching on my breakfast this morning, I had an idea.

"I wonder if I can watch last night's Daily Show on Hulu.com...?"

Sure enough, there it was. I fired it up and happily laughed along while trying to stop my cat from eating my cereal.

After the second commercial break, Stewart announced the always amusing Lewis Black segment, Back in Black in which Black expounded on his thoughts about Earth Day. Then I saw THIS.

It's always a fun surprise to catch stuff that you worked on, but even better when it's on the Daily Show. I got to work on this short animation for School House Rock/Disney while freelancing at 8 Hats High a few months back. It was a fun little piece that had us singing the song for months afterward so I guess it did it's job.

Thanks Hulu!

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