Sunday, April 5, 2009

So much for March...

Well, it’s been a long hard month. For those of you who don’t know I moved to Brooklyn, had no internet for the first three days I was living here, then got it back for one day only to have my computer of 5 years up and die on me the next morning.

In light of those rather weighty and depressing events, I’m going to keep this, my first post since moving, rather, umm… light.

A few months back, I was working at 8 Hats High on a project for some toy designers. Part of the project was to create multiple models (actual models; not 3D renders) of the proposed toy. In order to do this we needed a mold (cue my excitment! No, really. I like making molds). So, Sonha and I began our quest for molding and casting materials.

That quest lead us to a ‘somewhat deceit, but still unsuited for our needs’ art store. The question of whether or not we found what we were looking for is unimportant and was completely overshadowed by this awesome find:

I have no idea what place this has in an art store.

Boxers or briefs?

A few of those necessary outfits.

Our future president who, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at it), doesn’t have an ‘undressed’ state.

However, Jeb looks like one sour little bastard; probably cause he knows he won’t ever get a shot at the presidency.

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