Thursday, April 16, 2009

With our special Guest Star...

Barry Sanders (not to be confused with the football player, apparently) is in town. You should hang out with him. I did.

Thanks to the time-waster known as Facebook, I heard (read, I guess) that Barry was ‘going to make a Muppet!’ Really the word ‘Muppet’ was all I needed to convince me to ditch my work load for a few hours. The word ‘make’ sure didn’t hurt either.

So I pulled on my boots, broke out my umbrella and headed to FAO Schwarz to make a Muppet. Well, to watch Barry order a pre-made Muppet, actually. (Note to the reader: if you really want to make a Muppet, visit

On the one hand,it’s basically like the loathsome Build-A-Bear shops except with cooler characters.

On the other hand, I’ll be the first to admit it: if I ever need a second job, I’d be happy to build Muppet parts all day.

So, the whole Muppet building process was short and sweet and (kinda) lame, at least from the buyer’s point of view. But, what did we care? There was still the whole rest of the store to explore!

Now, I’ll confess, I’ve only been to FAO Schwarz once when I was young, so most of my memories of the store come from that Home Alone follow-up. In fact, I was almost positive they shut down. But it seems business is, well… Okay, it may not be booming.

As Barry said, you know there's a recession on when the unicorn goes on sale.

Unicorn, schmoonicorn... What about the dragon? I guess we'll be heading for the end of times when that hits the market.

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