Friday, July 24, 2009

Best blog ever...

Somewhere in my Facebook Past I 'became a fan of' USA's TV series Psych. This was mostly due to the fact that J.J. of Sedelmaier Productions and John Grimaldi of 8 Hats High had already 'become fans of' it and I felt a bit obligated. Why?

Because for about six months, we all put together some 18 to 20 thirty-second animations for the show called 'The Big Adventures of Lil' Shawn & Gus'.

Produced, designed and storyboarded in-house at Sedelmaier's, the work was then outsourced to us at 8 Hats High in Middletown, NY (kinda like India but with more college kids). There we did most of the animation and all of the inking.

Animation was handled by John Grimaldi, Paris Hall and myself (I think Phil jumped in there at the end... can any of you Hats High folk confirm this?). The inking was all up to Sonha Bowen and your's truely. My hand still hurts from the thin-thick line we used.

Story-wise, they were cute, throw-away gags mostly. Visually, though, I'd say we did a damn good job... especially for a thirty-second spot on USA.

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