Monday, July 13, 2009

Come hungry...

Warning: Today's blog will feel somewhat unsatisfactory (at least more so than it usually does). Why? For starters, I had to work from 7Am to 7PM today. Also, I forgot to bring my camera to Queens this weekend so no pictures from that excellent venture.

Instead, I'm pulling one (or two) from the vaults. Today, some things I miss about Japan (both concerning food, oddly enough).

Kaiten Sushi. Cheap, tasty sushi, free green tea and the best kappa-maki rolls ever. Plus, it was one of the few places I could hang out at where I was able use what little Japanese I knew. Luckily, I'm told these actually exist here in NYC (I have yet to actually go to one).

Japanese vending machines. Sure, we have vending machines here, but not Japanese ones. They carry cold and hot beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, tea) as well as beer, liters of soda and cartons of milk. You have no idea how many times this comes in handy at 2AM when you're in the middle of baking cookies and find you're out of milk.

I have yet to find a suitable substitute for these State-side.

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