Monday, July 20, 2009

One of us!

Seems like all I've been posting these days are excuses for why I don't have better posts or pictures. Today will be no different.

This past Saturday, I got to see Cirque de Soleil for FREE. How? My cousin Fritz is part of the show. No, he can't spit fire or sit on his head. But he can play at least ten different instruments and had to in order to ace the auditions.

Unfortunately, circus folk don't like cameras so I had to rely on my camera phone (which makes the whole 'No Camera' policy seem somewhat silly), hence the bad exposure and graininess.

On top of the free tickets, we got to stick around afterward and get a backstage tour. Not as glamorous as it sounds considering it's just the Prudential Center in Newark, but still neat to see some of the performers hanging out and exercising in the back to Russian rap music.

And then there's all the masks.

And costumes.

And washing machines.

Fritz is touring with the Alegria show, which is all about birds, apparently.

Between that and the planes landing nearby, we couldn't help but strike a few ridiculous poses before saying good-bye.

There isn't too much of a resemblance. Maybe it's just the pure awesomeness we Kraai's radiate.


dayna said...

I saw Kooza a few months ago on Randall's Island, and that one was pretty cool too! I love Cirque De Soleil! I posted about it here, but I didn't take pictures :) :

Shinygrape said...

Lucky! I saw Dralion about 100 years ago with Dan I remember that the tickets were about $200 because we got to "interact" with the performers - but we didn't get to see ANY of that cool costume stuff - just eat some cocktail weenies. Super-cool!