Thursday, July 9, 2009

I think it was the Fourth of July...

Got lost again this weekend, this time in the graveyard. In fact even more lost, if that's possible, but a nicer kind of lost. For one, it wasn't raining. Two, the graveyard's not as scary as Central Park no matter what time of day it is.

Actually, wondering around the headstones and mausoleums reminded me of my trip to Athens - probably all the surrounding decay and rock.

Athens may not be a lush as Brooklyn, but then again Brooklyn didn't make the mistake of plants endless forests of olive trees thousands of years ago.

While Athens didn't house any (obvious) Mason gravesites -

It too had a lot of local cats trying to find some shade.

Athens wasn't as well irrigated and where it was it boosted tadpole in place of water lilies.

Both are home to plenty of friezes -

Lots of stone critters and creatures -

For some reason, this spot in particular was very reminiscent -

One of the highlights of my week in Athens was this -

One of the oldest and most intact gravestones in the world belonging to a little girl. The relief is in such good condition you can still make out her little dog jumping at her feet.

Not one to be out-done, Brooklyn has it's own mascot, Laddie.

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