Thursday, July 30, 2009

Power Tools

After a short hiatus, our They Might be Giants' video is back! It's undergone a few changes while laying dormant for the past month, so I could say it's back and better than ever!

What kind of changes? Well, for starters, it's not for kids anymore so we get to 'dirty it up' a bit. Rougher character designs and some more 'adult' themes... well, not those kinds of 'adult' themes.

The best part of the changes is the fact that yesterday I got to take a trip to Home Depot to buy this.

And last night I got to start sketching out these patterns.

I guess I shouldn't go too much further into detail. As construction actually begins, I'll try to post some obscure pictures that don't give too much away. (NOTE: Those who actually care about me might want to keep a running count of body parts. I almost melted my fingers together as a child with an iron and nearly sawed my foot off in college with a power saw.)

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