Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On the Catwalk

First of one of my favorite months which calls for a rather frivolous entry.

Every morning for the past month I've been catching the C to DUMBO. This morning, I had some company.

This guy met up with me about a block from my apartment and walked along with me for another three. Eventually, he got distracted and ran off to attack some weeds breaking through the sidewalk.

But no more than a block later, I ran into this fellow who walked me the last block and a half to the station before running off to meet his human sitting a few doors down.

He even tried to strike up a conversation.

I bet if this guy hadn't been busy washing his fur before getting a trim, he might have walked me the rest of the way to work.

And these two were too preoccupied with being window kittens to do much more than pose for the camera. Just the same, nice way to start the first of any month.


Gr8Ball said...

what the hell i never get any company walking to the train! probably because they know i'd take them home if they came near me.

Eric said...

I never realized you were a cat purrson ;D ;D ;D
I guess it's okay outside where you don't have to worry about the allergies huh?

Liesje Kraai said...

My allergies have magically disappeared, actually! I live with three cats now, two long-haired, one short and I hang out with another short-haired fellow frequently... and none of them bother me even on the rare occasion when they sleep on my face.