Friday, July 17, 2009

The colors, Duke!

One thing I've noticed recently is how drab the city is. Or rather, one thing I haven't noticed since it didn't occur to me till I happened by this church on my way home yesterday.

Reds! Pinks! Greens! I've actually passed by it before. What caught my eye that day was Mary's original paint job.

(artist's recreation)

It's since been toned down, sadly. I liked it better before, actually.

It matched the fountain behind the church.

I don't know why I find this scene so attractive. The bright red bench with matching awning? The tacky blue concrete pool? The exposed lighting? The huge crucifix?

I think it's all in the saturation. Green, red and bright blue. The juxtaposition of tacky and sacred is wonderful as well, like those little religious figurines made out of seashells you find at boardwalks. Hopefully no one will find this one "offensive" enough to demand a new coat of paint.

And as more proof of my obsession with color, this great sign a block past the church. The awesome font helps, too...

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