Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foreign Foreign Food

So where do you go to get decent 'foreign' food in Kurihara-shi?

Le Bonte!

Located in the 'happening' town of Tsukidate (compared to my town, Tsukidate might as well have been Manhattan) served up an interesting take on French-Italian cuisine including what maybe some of the best pizza Nippon has to offer.

The decor is strikingly non-Japanese; it looks like some strange take on the American log-cabin complete with drying wild flowers and herbs.

There were the stranger items, such as the 'salad pizza'. I'm sure I'll never see the like but, boy was it good!

And, an absolute treat! Decent French pastries, 'NY-Style' cheesecake and... oh, my! Is that creme brulee?!?

Of course, the desserts can't escape the occasional oddity. Modeled here by one Eric Robinson is a cup of coffee jell-o. To complete the coffee drinking experience, it comes with a small pitcher of cream to pour over it.

I once watched a fellow ALT eat six of these in one sitting. I've never been the same since.

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Eric said...

Must make a trip back there when I finally get my ass back up to Miyagi again. Pinkies up!!